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      Aberia Caffra (Kei Apple) Bonsai - Some Spring Cleaning

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      Aberia Caffra (Kei Apple) Bonsai - Some Spring Cleaning Empty Aberia Caffra (Kei Apple) Bonsai - Some Spring Cleaning

      Post  cosmos on Sat Apr 18, 2020 6:18 pm


      Dovyalis caffra (Kei-apple) is a lovely evergreen tree. It is one of the three Dovyalis species, together with D. zeyheri (wild apricot) and D. rhamnoides (common sour berry).

      It is an attractive, drought and moderate frost resistant tree or shrub that I think is well suited to the art of bonsai in Malta.

      Just like the Maltese yellow kidney vetch, ficus nerifolia and casuarina, it is another unknown species that I wish to promote its cultivation as bonsai in Malta.

      The species is probably a little difficult to create traditional looking bonsai but with dedication and patience, pleasing styles can be created.

      Also known as ‘Kei Apple’ as the fruit is edible, “like a small, yellowish apple.” Kei apple is a colonial name. The word "Kei" is likely from its native presence in the Kei River Valley.Aberia Caffra (Kei Apple) Bonsai - Some Spring Cleaning Aberia10

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